Geological Consulting Services
Exploration C.S. 

HCS offers a number of comprehensive geological and geophysical services /studies required to maximize the hydrocarbon potential of your exploration blocks and development leases and oil & gas fields as well. 

These studies and services  includes:​

  • Sub Surface Data QC, editing and splicing to well composite format.

  • Lead/Prospect Generation

  • Reservoir Characterization

  • Reserve Calculation

  • Resource Estimates

  • Well Proposals Documentation

  • Subsurface Modelling icluding:

    • Structural 

      • ​Bounding Surfaces

      • Fault Recognition using Dipmeter & FMI data​

      • Fault seal analysis and trap risk assessment

      • Balanced Cross Section

    • Basin Modelling & Petroleum System (charge & Critical point)

      • Organic Geochemistry​

      • Burial History 

      • HC Expulsion

      • Migration and Preservation

    • Stratigraphic

      • Sequence stratigraphy 

      • High Definition well correlation & Depositional Modelling.

      • Petrophysical Log Analysis with Reservoir zonation concept.

      • Play fairway Assessment and mapping

      • Play fairway risk analysis GDE (Gross Depositional Env.) maps

      • Play fairway risk analysis CRS (Comon Risk Segment) maps

      • Sedimentology, core analysis, reservoir quality etc.

      • Facies Analysis

    • Unconventional resources consulting

Exploration  Geological  C. Services

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