EOR is the technology in which some form of additional energy input is given into a hydrocarbon reservoir in order to make more oil or gas movements towards the producer wells with an aim to enhance the ultimate total recovery from the reservoir.


The production of Oil is divided into three different phases, “primary, secondary and the tertiary phase.”

Primary recovery: This is the initial recovery stage of hydrocarbons from the below the surface. The oil is
naturally pushed to the surface by the displacement energy present beneath. This is a conventional recovery
technique which is based on natural mechanisms such as, “displacing natural water, expansion of natural
gas etc.”

Secondary recovery: (IOR)

This stage of recovery is utilized after the primary production stage of recovery hasdeclined. After a lifetime of the reservoir; the well pressure falls and external mechanisms are used in order to recover oil from the sub- surface. “Water flooding, gas injection and pressure maintenance are a few
secondary techniques commonly used.

Tertiary recovery: (EOR)

This stage of extraction for oil is used after the secondary stage of recovery is hasalready been implemented. The tertiary stage of recovery is also known as the, “Enhanced Oil Recovery” method. This method increases the rate of extraction oil due to the mobility of oil. This process of recovering oil uses techniques such as, “Chemicals, Thermal energy and gas injection (miscible/immiscible


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