HCS Petrophysicists  have vast experience and success in the field of petrophysical  log evaluation in different basins and different reservoirs using unique analytical techniques and out of the box solutions. 


The petrophysicist’s  task is to use all available information to analyze the physical and chemical properties of the rocks in the sub-surface, and their component minerals, with particular emphasis given to the amount and distribution of those fluid minerals that we know of as oil, gas and water.


We have analyzed clastic and carbonate lithologies in a wide range of depositional environments. The group performs integrated well-log analysis, correlations, core analysis and integrates those interpretations with well-test, geophysics and geology data. Our petrophysicists build crossplots for determining lithologies, porosity and permeability distributions, water-resistivity values, water saturations and shale parameters.

HCS evaluates lithology, porosity, saturation, and permeability properties while drilling to facilitate timely, informed decisions to detect potential pay zones.


HCS evaluates the properties that help determine hydrocarbon reserves and reservoir producibility, decide where to complete and how to stimulate, pinpoint where to drill next, and devise long-term field development strategies.

​HCS can recommend logging programs, testing and provide onsite witness over all complete sets of  petrophysical measurements. Our team  can be available to advise on while-drilling logs or acquired wire line in both open and cased holes. We can also witness the Laboratory core and PVT analysis on site too


Petrophysical Evaluation&

Well  E - Logs Data QC  &  Standardization 

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