•  HCS Egypt offers a specific services for exploration companies includes, prospect generation, prospect inventory and portfolio management


  • has a clear systematic procedure to do their evaluation, to achieve satisfaction of all clients.


  • Geological Team starts well data QC, correlate the well data in high resolution to establish solid definition for the top and base reservoir layers and missing sections to facilitate Seismic Interpretation.

  • Geophysics team QC seismic data for oil and gas projects in all stages of maturity from  exploration to development before starting interpretation. Geoscientists integrate the geological and geophysical output to build up full-scale geological models.


  • Petrophysicists setup all needed cross-plots for determining lithologies, porosity and permeability distributions, water-resistivity values, water saturation and shale parameters. they Validate the petrophysical model through available Core data, testing and fluid samples collected. Ultimately, the team has identifying potential hydrocarbons in some of the most challenging lithology and porosity systems in given data. After the reliable petrophysical model completed, the output results of all reservoir parameters are integrated to the geological model to have a full set of reservoir mapping from reservoir summation.

  • Geo-scientists are using the latest workstation technology and applying a wide variety of interpretation techniques including amplitude , attribute calculated seismic volumes, stratigraphy studies, structural mapping and modeling, AVO analysis, inversion analysis, velocity analysis and forward modeling.

  • The teams use  the latest computer-mapping programs and techniques to help unravel the minimum, most likely and maximum value for each key parameter.


  • HCS Calculates the bulk reservoir isopach and focused structure maps to better understand depositional environments and to define subsurface traps. ​Reservoir characteristics typically mapped include net and gross reservoir thickness, water saturation, porosity and pore volume.


  • HCS integrates geological studies with geophysics, petrophysics and fluid properties to estimate the volumes of oil and gas in place

Exploration  Services

Exploration  Services









HCS is a fully integrated International Energy Consulting company, Specializing in Oil & Gas in the Middle East, N. Africa and Africa region (MENA&A); we think energy. We are anchored by deep geoscience and engineering expertise and policy requirements. We help exploration and production companies, financial institutions and governments minimize risk and optimize business decisions.

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