• HCS has a broad expertise and experience to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of any areas or bids or farm-out opportunities. HCS performs a comprehensive report document includes detailed prospect/Lead  inventory with risk assessment covering all petroleum system required to assess.  


  • A full screening for all prospect and lead with ranking based on size, risk and COCS. 

  • In the upstream petroleum industry, managers base their decisions on reserves numbers derived from technical and economic analyses.  Whether it’s estimated petroleum reserves, future production rates or expected net income, management often needs outside reassurances that those figures are reliable.  So the need for a reliable reserves evaluation.

  • HCS conducts their evaluations using  a combination of techniques as follows: volumetric; well-performance, including decline-curve and rate-transient analysis; mathematical modeling, including the use of material balance and reservoir simulation; and analogy comparing reservoirs with geologic and/or performance matching.

  • HCS Team  includes geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, petroleum engineers and economists. In some cases, the team uses a complete suite of geological and engineering data.  In other cases, all that is needed are well-performance histories.  The final step is for the evaluator to cashflow production to generate discounted net present values.  Clients regularly ask for different economic runs under various sensitivities to future sales prices or “price decks” and to operating and capital costs.

HC Potential Evaluation

Bid Rounds & Farm-out/In Opportunities

HCS is a fully integrated International Energy Consulting company, Specializing in Oil & Gas in the Middle East, N. Africa and Africa region (MENA&A); we think energy. We are anchored by deep geoscience and engineering expertise and policy requirements. We help exploration and production companies, financial institutions and governments minimize risk and optimize business decisions.

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