Dr. Essam Zaghloul

P.Geo.; Director& Chairman of the Board & CEO

Hesham Al-Khateeb

Director & Member of the Board & President

Hesham is an Entrepreneur, international  Geoscientist, principle  Geologist with over 28 years of international oil and gas industry in Egypt, MENA (Middle East and North Africa). experience having worked in major and independent Oil & Gas companies in the Middle East, North Africa. He worked for COPLEX, CENTURION, RWE,  DEA and NPC.

Hesham has a bextensive experience in many Oil and gas basin in Eastern desert and Western Desert in Egypt, in Shabwa, E. Shabwa Rub Khali, and Masila basinsin Yemen, In addition to   Nile Delta Onshore and Offshore east Mediterranean Basins. He has a deep experience in maximizing the reserve and resources of the international companies. his experience led to upgrading reserves multible folds of original values. His input for over 25 years in this field magnify reserves volumes in Centurion, DEA and NPC.  Hesham has a major impact  in discovering and developing many oil and gas discoveries  and fields  in Gulf Of Suez and Nile Delta, Egypt, Shabwa, East Shabwa, and  Masila,  Yemen.

Mr. Al-Khateeb served as subsurface manager and Geology manager and team leader in many international companies.  He has a broad experience in bid rounds and farm in opportunities inside Egypt for more than 25 years. Mr. Al-Khateeb has B.Sc degree in geology from Cairo University, 1991 and known Professional Geologist in the Egyptian Oil Industry.

Essam is a seasoned executive with over 45 years of international and Canadian oil and gas industry experience having worked in major and independent Oil & Gas companies in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and North & South America. Essam also has the business acumen where he has set up several companies, taken them public on Canadian exchanges and raised capital. He has also set up and grown several High-Tech companies.

Essam served as Chairman, Director and Officer of a number of private and publicly traded companies.
Essam acquired his extensive international oil and gas experience from senior management roles at Canadian Occidental (Nexen), Wi-LAN, Cell-LOC, NTG, FOX-TEK, Centurion, Tanganyika (Dublin acquired by Sinopec) and OOCEP. He has also held management and technical positions with AGAT, Husky, AGOCO, Teknica, Canadian Occidental, Chauvco Resources, Calvalley Petroleum, Gulf Canada, Encana , Centurion and Tanganyika/Dublin.

Dr. Zaghloul is one of Canada’s leading experts in EOR/ IOR. He has discovered and developed fields all over the world and has managed projects from the discovery phase to construction to operation. Essam holds a BSc (Hons), and PhD in Geology. Dr. Zaghloul is also a leader in the high-tech world where he incubated technologies that are in every phone and wireless device. He has started, grown and acquired many companies in the high-tech field.

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