Modelling 2D/3D/4D

  • Modelling is important to manage your HC resources and identifying risk elements which may be related to reservoir, trap or source rock.  To gain maximum production it is imperative to understand the geologic setting, reservoir characteristics, geologic and engineering risks and production characteristics. Using geological models and reservoir simulation allows reservoir engineers to identify which recovery options offer the safest and most economic, efficient, and effective development plan for a particular reservoir.

  • HCS offers 2D and 3D Geo-modelling. In 2-dimensions (2D), geologic modelling of  unit by unit is represented by a polygon, which can be bounded by faults, unconformities or by its lateral extent, or crop. In 3D geological models geological units are displayed in one model. These 3D grids are the equivalent of 2D grids used to express properties of single surfaces.

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  • ·    Geologic modelling includes the:

  • o    High Resolution Well Correlation

  • o    Structural framework

  • o    Facies distribution

  • o    SAND Fairways / Reservoir quality Mapping

  • o    Fluid Saturation

  • o    Geostatistics

  • ·  3D Geo-modelling speeds up the exploration process dramatically, helps with decision making, provides instant feed-back and ultimately saves the company money.

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  • In EOR and some secondary recovery processes, 4D (using the element of time) may be instrumental in understanding fluid movement and development drilling.

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