• HCS reporting the  Petroleum Resources and provides a consistent approach to estimating Petroleum quantities, evaluating Projects, and presenting results within a comprehensive classification framework. Resources evaluations are focused on those quantities that can potentially be recovered and marketed by Commercial Projects.


  • The HCS consultant classifies oil and gas resources according to maturity with regards to development and production. The resources includes contingent resources and undiscovered resources.


  • HCS conducts their evaluations using  a combination of geophysical and geological interpretation and reservoir engineering data for closest producing fields matched with defined reservoirs and potential objectives in the exploration acreage.

  • HCS Team  includes geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, petroleum engineers and economists. In some cases, the team uses a complete suite of geological and engineering data.  

  • HCS prepare a full lead/prospect inventory for a given areas with detailed resources reports and risking as well.

Resources Calculation

HCS is a fully integrated International Energy Consulting company, Specializing in Oil & Gas in the Middle East, N. Africa and Africa region (MENA&A); we think energy. We are anchored by deep geoscience and engineering expertise and policy requirements. We help exploration and production companies, financial institutions and governments minimize risk and optimize business decisions.

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