Unconventional Reservoir Solutions

Great changes of the global energy industry have been caused by the rapid development of unconventional oil and gas.Rapid development of unconventional oil and gas in the past decade has given rise to all-around changes in the supply-
demand structure, recovery method, and technical innovation in the petroleum industry. 


Unconventional oil and gas have been playing an increasingly important role in global petroleum production, which has been demonstrated by the commercial production of oil sands, tight gas and coalbed methane (CBM) and rapid increase
of shale gas and tight oil production caused by the U.S. shale gas revolution.

HCS has deep technical expertise, capability and experience to assist clients with Integrated studies and development planning. Our sub-surface consulting team covers the complete range of geoscience and petroleum engineering disciplines. The team have previously been employed with oil & gas companies which brings the added benefit of integrated thinking a strong combination and an essential component in the development planning process.

We support our client’s projects from feasibility assessment, conceptual field development planning through to preparation of the basis of design document.

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