High Resolution Correlation & Depositional Modelling

  • HCS believes in the value of integrating all well data thus identifying a lot of details for Exploration and Development. To establish solid  geologic modelling, high resolution correlation is highly important. 


  • Ditch cuttings description, Core analysis data, formation evaluation, biostratigraphic zonation and wireline data are excellent tools to carry out high resolution correlations needed  for facies analysis, , reservoir distribution, seismic interpretation, missing section definition, sedimentary features, sequence stratigraphy, fault seal analysis, shale gauge ratio.

  • HCS geologists have vast expertise in integrating all available data to carry out High Resolution Correlation projects.

  • The team has carried out many projects in Egypt’s oil provinces;  Eastern desert, Western desert, Gulf of Suez and Nile Delta. In addition to some middle east countries like Oman, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Turkey, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Syria.

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